Visible Faith Jewelry

For a subtle yet fashionable way to display your faith, Grace Your Soul online has two inspirational jewelry collections for you – myGodTags & Visible Faith Jewelry. Texan-based artist Shandon Camarillo-Whitson designs and handcrafts each of the unique pieces of sterling silver jewelry we carry, using both new and recycled pure silver. The end result delivers a truly high quality piece of art that should inspire you and remind you of your faith.

myGodTags - Personalized Silver God Tags

Keep your Bible verse or inspirational quotes close to your heart by wearing a God tag – the most stylish and understated way to visibly show your faith. Hand made out of high quality sterling silver, each piece of this myGodTags faith jewelry line speaks to your individual identity or gifts with a scriptural reference. We carry customizable God tags – you can chose from a sterling blank shape; star, heart, or cross, and God tag style blanks, which can be stamped with a name, verse or any other meaningful message. A God tag is the perfect gift for a believer, both sentimental and thoughtful.

Both lines of sterling silver jewelry uniquely blend organic, earthy elements through the metal and shapes with delicate touches through the subtle details, personalization and scriptures.