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C-BAD   "Bad" Donkey Pendant
CSTCROSS-P   "Celebrate" Cross Pendant
C-KICK   "KICK" Donkey Pendant
C-BAD2   "Nice" Donkey Pendant
Toval1   * Turquoise Oval Necklace 1
Toval2   * Turquoise Oval Necklace 2
TOVAL2b   * Turquoise Oval Necklace 2
NBALL1.5M   1.5mm Ball Chain
brand9   14K 4 Brand
GFBAR1   14K GF Turquoise Necklace
brand7   14k Gold Eyelet Brand
GOLDH-N   14K Gold Heart Necklace
BrandER   14K LE Brand Earrings
NBALL1.1M16   16" 1.1mm Mini Ball Chain
NVB1.7   18" Venetian Box Chain 1.7mm
GT-2B1   2 Became 1 myGodTags
NSAL   2 MM Self Adjusting Leather
NLONG3   2.2mm One Long/ Three Short Chain by the Inch
NCABLE   2.4MM Cable Chain by the inch
OXCABLE   2.8mm Oxidized Cable Chain
NLSSE   2mm Leather Cord with Sterling Clasp
NLSSE3   3mm Leather Cord with Sterling Clasp
Brand48   4 Naja Pendant
brand35   4R Brand Naja Pendant
ER-DOT   6mm Turquoise Dot Earrings
DOT-N   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace
DOT-N-0001   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 16" - A
DOT-N-0003   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 16" - B
DOT-N-0009   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 16" - C
DOT-N-0005   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 16" - with matrix
DOT-N-0007   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 16" - without matrix
DOT-N-0002   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 18" - A
DOT-N-0004   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 18" - B
DOT-N-0010   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 18" - C
DOT-N-0006   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 18" - with matrix
DOT-N-0008   6mm Turquoise Dot Necklace - 18" - without matrix
Brand38   7L Brand Pendant
DDOT-N   8mm Diamond Dot Necklace
DDOT-N-0001   8mm Diamond Dot Necklace - 16"
DDOT-N-0002   8mm Diamond Dot Necklace - 18"
8Dot-ER   8mm Dot Earrings
brand32   917 Brand Pendant
AMILL-B   A Million Memories Bracelet
Brand23   AA Brand Bracelet w/chain
LthrCuf3   AA Brand Cuff
ABO-ER   Above All Earrings
ABO-P   Above All Pendant
ABU-R   Abundant Ring
brand41   AC Brand
NADJS   Adjustable 1mm Snake Chain
ADORE-ER   Adore Earrings
AFIR-P   Afire Pendant
AGAP-CH   Agape Love
AGAP-ER   Agape Love Earrings
GT127   Agape myGodTags
AGAVE   Agave Cactus
ALI-P   Alive in Me Pendant
ALLI-P   All I Need
ALLRLTH-ER   All Roads Lead to Him Earrings
ALLRLTH-P   All Roads Lead to Him Pendant
ALL-C   All You Need Is Love
ALPH-P   Alpha & Omega
ALWAYSC-N   Always Cross
ALWH-R   Always Hopes Ring
ALWL-R   Always Loves Ring
ALWLM-R   Always Miraculous Ring
ALWP-R   Always Present Ring
ALW-R   Always Protects Ring
GT-ALW   Always With Me myGodTags
AMAZ-ER   Amazing Grace Earrings
AMAZ-P   Amazing Grace Pendant
AMEN-P   Amen
C-AmFB   American Firebird Pendant
AMORE-P   Amore
NL-ANC2.8   Anchor Chain
ANC-R   Anchor of Hope Ring
ANC-L   Ancient & True
ANGL-GOD   Angel of God Pendant
ANG-P   Angels Watch Over Me
brand29   Arrow 77 Brand
ARW   Arrow A Brand
ARROW-N   Arrow Necklace
CST-ARROW3   Arrow Necklace
CSTARW   Arrowhead
CARH-N   Arrowhead Necklace
CSTMARROWH   Arrowhead Pendant
ArwSad   Arrowhead/Saddle Pattern
ARW2   Arrowhead2
ASFOR-P   As for Me and My House
ASK-P   Ask Seek Knock
GTASR   Assurance myGodTags
B-RING   B Ring
NBALL   Ball Chain - 2MM
BSEA-N   Baptism Seashell Necklace
C-CactusBrand   Bar Circle L Brand Cactus Pendant
Brand24   Bar R Brand
BB-Cross   Baseball Cross
BEBL-ER   Be Blessed Earrings
BECO-P   Be Courageous
GTBEST   Be Still myGodTags
GT-TRANS   Be Transformed myGodTags
BEAU-P   Beauty from Ashes
BEAU-E   Beauty from Ashes Earrings
BEC-P   Because Pendant
BECK   Beckon Me
BECK-ER   Beckon Me Earrings
GT144   Believe myGodTags
BEL-P   Believer
BEST-N   Bestowed Necklace
BETW-R   Between the Lines Ring
BEYB-N   Beyond Blessed
Chief   Big Chief
BIND-P   Bind My Heart
BIND-E   Bind My Heart Earrings
BLSTBOC   Black and Orange Onyx Cross
BLESSH-N   Blessed Horshoe Frame Necklace
GT153   Blessed myGodTags
Bolo-N   Bolo Style Turquoise & Leather Necklace
Bolo-N2   Bolo Style Turquoise & Leather Necklace
BUFFCUFF   Born to Roam - Buffalo Leather Cuff
NLBRAID   Braided Leather with Fancy Toggle Clasp
BBRAID   Braided Leather with Toggle
C-Back   Brand Back Tag
CUFFLINKS   Brand Cuff Links with 14k gold Brands
BREAD-P   Bread of Life
BRO-P   Broken, Mended, & Filled
Bronc   Bronc Ring
GT-BRO   Brother myGodTags
BUBBLE-ER   Bubbling with Love Earrings
Buff   Buffalo Pendant
Scene1-P   Buffalo Scene Pendant
Buff2   Buffalo Skull Pendant
RING-B   Bumpy Ring Charm Holder
BUFL-P   Butterfly Necklace
brand8   C Arrow Brand
brand40   C Brand Cowtag
NCABBD18   Cable Chain with Beads - 18"
CSTMring13   Cactus Ring
CAPT-B   Captivated By Love Bracelet
CAPT-N   Captivated By Love Necklace
CARR-P   Carry Me
C-EXT   Chain Extender
CHEER-P   Cheerful Heart Pendant
GT-CHI   Child myGodTags
CHO-P   Chosen by Him
GT-CH0   Chosen myGodTags
CHOS-B   Chosen, Cherished, Complete
CHRISTL-P   Christ is Love
Cross-stone   Color of Love
COMT-B   Come Together Bracelet
COME-P   Come, Follow Me
COMP-P   Completeness Pendant- Retired
CONS-P   Constant and True Pendant
GT-CON   Content myGodTags
SCARF5   Coral Scarf Slide
COUNT-ER   Count it Joy Earrings
COUNT-P   Count It Joy Pendant
GT-COU   Courage myGodTags
COVER-P   Covered By Love
COVER-E   Covered By Love Earrings
GT130   Cowboy Armor myGodTags
C-CowF   Cowboy Faith Pendant
COY-P   Coyote Scene Necklace
CRAZH   Crazy Hearts Earrings
Brand13   Cross B Brand
LthrCuf   Cross Bar Leather Cuff
CFEAT-P   Cross Feather Pendant
brand1   Cross L Brand
Brand11   Cross Quarter Circle Brand
CRY-P   Cry Out to Jesus
CRY-E   Cry Out to Jesus Earrings
NCURB18   Curb Chain with Beads - 18"
CSTBUCK1   Custom Belt Buckle
CST-Naja   Custom Feather & Turquoise Naja
CustomBear   Custom Mama Bear
C-CWcross   CW Brand Cross
DAILY-P   Daily Pendant
DAILYR   Daily Reminder
DAILYR-RET   Daily Reminder - RETIRED
ARROW-R   Dainty Arrow Ring
DAIS-C   Daisy Love
CSTMER8   Dangling Beaded Hoop Turquoise Earrings
CSTMER2   Dangling Beaded Rosarita Earrings
CSTMER4   Dangling Beaded Triangle Turquoise Earrings
CSTMER1   Dangling Beaded Turquoise Earrings
CSTMER11   Dangling Beaded Turquoise Earrings
CSTMER6   Dangling Beaded Turquoise Earrings
CSTMER3   Dangling Beaded Turquoise Earrings 2
CSTMER5   Dangling Beaded Turquoise Earrings 3
CSTMER7   Dangling Beaded Turquoise Earrings 5
CSTMER14   Dangling Teardrop Beaded Turquoise Earrings
CSTMER   Dangling Turquoise Drop Earrings
GT-DAU   Daughter myGodTags
DAUGH-E   Daughter of the King Earrings
DAUGH-P   Daughter of the King Pendant
C-DOGTAG   Dawg Gone - Custom Dog Tag
INIT-P   Decorative Initial Pendant
DELV   Deliverer Ring
GT137   Destiny myGodTags
GT159   DEVOTED myGodTags

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