Visible Faith Jewelry Co.
Distinctive * Organic * Beautiful

The Visible Faith Jewelry Collection and myGodTags are two unique lines of sterling silver jewelry that compliment each other well. Both of these lines are Christian or inspirational in nature and are designed and handmade in Texas by artist Shandon Camarillo-Whitson.

The myGodTags line consists of over 50 scripturally based tags, which are smaller than military dog tags with a symbol and scripture. Several also have a special word or phrase stamped on them (such as "Mother"). We can personalize separate tags to compliment these symbol/scripture tags. We offer 10 different shaped tags in the personalization line, that can be stamped with names and dates or special messages. Each tag holds a different number of characters per line. We only stamp using Upper Case letters, dates or a dot; no other symbols are currently available. We do not stamp on the back of any tags, nor do we stamp on any of the Visible Faith Collection.


The Visible Faith Collection consists of a wide variety of charms, rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklace/pendant combinations created by our artist; each piece tells its own story. We hope to inspire our customers, and allow them to wear a piece of unique, distinct, and fresh jewelry, which bears witness for Christ in a beautiful and subtle manner. Our solid sterling jewelry is designed, hand carved and made entirely in the United States, as we strive to encourage manufacturing and purchasing of American-made products. None of our products are PLATED with silver, nor will they ever be. None of our products contain "NICKEL SILVER" which is not really silver and contains allergenic properties. We use combinations of recycled and new silver which is then made into sterling silver during the casting process. If your piece has a defect in any way, please send us an email, requesting a return/exchange and we will gladly replace due to any manufacturing faults. We want our customers to be completely satisfied, and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of customer service.

A portion of all proceeds is donated to various causes, including but not limited to missions, Llano Christian Academy, and other mission-oriented organizations. We pray you are blessed and bless someone else to the best of your abilities, and we thank you for supporting our families (our employees) as we try to bless you and those loved ones around you.


God's blessings to you and your family<><

Shandon, Brett and Chelsea